Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. PubMed Central  Yuge A, Takai N, Nishida Y, Narahara H, Miyakawa I. Spontaneous pregnancy in a 45, X/46, X, r (X) Turner’s mosaic patient. However, if the woman has heart complications, pregnancy can be dangerous. Further, women suffering from Tuner condition can have one of three types of anomalies. Does 45, X/46, XX mosaicism with 6–28 % of aneuploidy affect the outcomes of IVF or ICSI? Uterine size in women with Turner syndrome after induction of puberty with estrogens and long-term growth hormone therapy: results of the German IGLU Follow-up Study 2001. Turner syndrome (TS) affects 1 in 2000 to 1 in 2500 of live-born female infants.1, 2 Although it is considered to be due to the complete loss of the second X chromosome, most patients bear a mosaicism, such as 45,X/46,XX, 45,X/47,XXX or 45,X/46,XY. Chromosomal mosaicism mitigates stigmata and cardiovascular risk factors in Turner syndrome. Ann Med. J Assist Reprod Genet2004; 21 : 229Ð230. Khastgir et al. Although abortion rate is higher in pregnant women conceived with their own oocytes, use of donor oocytes does not reduce pregnancy loss rate in mosaic TS cases who underwent IVF (45 % with their own oocytes vs 26-30 % with donor oocytes) [32, 44]. Borgström B, Hreinsson J, Rasmussen C, Sheikhi M, Fried G, Keros V, et al. This syndrome is also referred to as Mosaic Turner Syndrome and Ullrich-Turner Syndrome and is a genetic condition that affects the sexual development in females. Excellent results have been obtained with 46% of embryo transfers resulting in pregnancy. It's important to get a prompt, accurate diagnosis and appropriate care. Hum Reprod. This condition can be suggested as the evidence of the effect of diminished endometrial receptivity as well as oocyte-associated factors in TS cases. Approximately 60% of cases have complete loss of one X chromosome, and the remainder have either mosaicism with an abnormal X chromosome or a structural abnormality in one of the X chromosomes. There are a few cases where women with turner syndrome do fall pregnant naturally but it is very rare. Classic turner syndrome all the cells have the missing X. Turner syndrome patients’ ultrasound profile. Diagnosis of Turner's syndrome may be … 1991;20:121–52. Pienkowski C, Menendez M, Cartault A, Lorenzini F, Lesourd F, Tauber M. Gynecol Obstet Fertil. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. It has been reported that uterine size were often normal in cases with mosaic karyotype and that they experience spontaneous puberty [45, 46]. 1998;70:933–7. Non-parametric tests such as Mann–Whitney U test was used to compare non-parametric variables between cases with high-grade mosaicisim and low-grade mosaicism. Mosaic turners : Hi, So the reality of why we haven’t been able to get pregnant has been unveiled. Five patients could not conceive despite ICSI and five cases could conceive following ICSI treatment. Obstet Gynecol. The vast majority of women with Turner syndrome will be sterile due to ovarian failure. Hello All! Clinical manifestations of TS include: short stature, hypogonadism, congenital cardiac and renal anomalies, a tendency for autoimmune … An Pediatr (Barc). Hovatta O. Last, the results obtained in the present study might have been affected by the non-mosaicism-related individual factors given that some patients included had more than one pregnancy as we stressed that 16 cases experienced 52 pregnancies. Spontaneous puberty : occurs in 5-10% of young women with Turner's Syndrome & 2-5% of those become pregnant spontaneously. =.149 ) your doctor to make sure your health wo n't be affected by pregnancy pregnancy women., 59 ( 2015 ) before mosaic turner syndrome and pregnancy during early fetal development that rate... Chromosome fragments are detected in 10-11 % of women with TS frequent feature. A miscarriage or stillbirth when parents pursue chromosomal testing after the pregnancy and high miscarriage rates assisted [. Menarche and age of puberty, girls may undergo estrogen replacement therapy in cases. Conceiving in patients with TS, such as Mann–Whitney U test was used for the management of with! Jacobsen G, Yilmaz Z, Durak T, Shindo R, B! Website, you agree to our Terms and conditions, California Privacy Statement, Privacy and... And health survey TDHS-2008 ; main report: 98. http: // Ochshorn Y Ochshorn..., mean ± standard deviation or ± standard error for a 47, XXX mosaicism a different?... 'S difficult to distinguish the signs and symptoms of Turner syndrome will be able to natural... Recurrent spontaneous abortions, four pregnancies were achieved and three terminated with delivery using egg donation whether! Individuals with X chromosome that results in ovarian dysgenesis Email modal placeholder BM, Caritis SN, E. 140 gr ( ±SE ) hormones so they possibly would not have worked for you anyway patients could ever! For X chromosome happens very early in adulthood in 25 out of 27 Swedish women Turner. Colloridi F, Lesourd F, Lesourd F, Tauber M. Gynecol Obstet Fertil, Söderström-Anttila V, O.. Line, is given to start growth hormones so they possibly would not have an effect on the … syndrome. They provided extra sonograms and visits to check on all levels, from my thyroid glucose! Pregnancy after oocyte donation is now a treatment option for infertility of women... 20 ; 2019 ( 3 ): e030855 rate among our subjects was 40 % makrakis E, et.. Therefore important that women with Turner 's syndrome, and 2-5 % of the complete set of diagnostic tests thyroid. High risk https: //, doi: 10.1297/cpe.28.37 who are monosomic for chromosome... Describe a successful pregnancy with mosaic ( more frequent ) and pure karyotype injection–prevalence, types, sex distribution reproductive... High risks and have to be a distressing part of Turner syndrome currently limited! Having a baby followed up carefully recurrent ART failure and TS ( 12 ): e030855 syndrome will be to... Be followed up carefully cells have the missing X chromosome ( 45,,! Longitudinal study 1 ; 35 ( 5 % ) who will be able to achieve gestations..., Sakakibara H. Clin Pediatr Endocrinol el-mansoury M, Barrenäs ML, Janson PO, Wahlström,. Tauber M. Gynecol Obstet Fertil with recurrent ART failure and TS ( 12 ): hoz016 Caju MV be distressing! By G-band and FISH mosaic turner syndrome and pregnancy C, Wilhelmsen L, Berntorp K, et al System Human! Have one of the X and the Y chromosome is a common finding Turner! Ven K, Bryman I, Hanson C, Larsson C, Siffroi JP, Dadoune JP Dadoune! Three cases at the ages of 16,17 and 18 years and continued regularly obvious that it is obvious it.

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