An effective youth ministries coordinator will work with other church and community leaders to address the needs of youth and maximize opportunities so that all youth grow in strength and wisdom. Many youth groups do such amazing activities that the leaders as well as others get excited and want to share photos of the activities via social media. We exist to make your job easier by saving you time and money. That way, you can spend more time on building relationships with students, volunteers and parents. Learn More The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry has developed the following code of ethics for youth ministry leaders1. Regardless of the ministry role, whether leading as senior pastor or in kid’s ministry, student ministry, worship ministry, or missions, these four leadership practices are essential: 1. Leaders reproduce who they are, so character is essential. Andy is passionate about God’s Word and the transformation it brings in the lives of God’s people. Andy Blanks is the co-founder of youthministry360, a ministry committed to equipping youth workers through resources, training, community, and networking. Your position as a leader with young people is the basis for building relationships and leading by example. Our team is full of experienced youth leaders who work hard creating lessons, games and other resources for you. The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry recommends that youth ministry leaders adopt this code by signing, dating, and placing it in their personnel file. This booklet sets out the guidelines and Code of Conduct for leaders involved in youth ministry, whether paid or unpaid. Being a youth ministry leader isn’t easy. IMPACT Youth leaders, those younger than 18 may serve in limited capacities; see (Guidelines for Volunteers Under 16) Complete an application and background check Because kids matter to God, we try to provide excellent, age-appropriate ministry programming for the children of the church. Social Media Guidelines for Youth Leaders Social networking sites, texting, e-mailing and other forms of electronic communication are a reality in the lives of most of our students. Pray regularly for our youth ministry and its leaders. For the purposes of this booklet, youth ministry refers to ministry to high school students, or … This includes youth group leaders, youth camp leaders and so on. Youth in your congregation and community will grow in faith as Christian disciples. This Guideline, formerly called Young Peoples Ministries, covers an introduction to the ministry of a youth or young adult coordinator and is designed to help implement and guide the work of the ministry … Be on time for all activities (at least 15 minutes early unless specific ministry requirements require more). b. Ministerial Role – Youth ministry leaders: a Work collaboratively with the pastor (and/or other supervisors) and associates in ministry. They offer an opportunity to develop and deepen relationships in new ways and are therefore a vital part of youth ministry work. Shepherd your soul. Youth ministry shall be for, with, and by youth. In ministry leadership, personal holiness matters. Professional Ethical Obligations I. ³&dulqj iru rxu .lgv´ 1ruwkulgjh 9lqh\dug &kxufk 3djh _ *xlgholqhv iru